Oh Dear!

How did it happen? I meant to catch up with the blog a lot sooner than this.

Now that the nights are getting lighter life feels like it's starting to get up and going again. Here in Shetland we are in Up Helly Aa season, viking firey fun (plus all the partying in the halls after!) which involves a lot of people. The mains ones that people hear about are the Scalloway Fire Festival and Lerwick Up Helly Aa but there are lots of others held around Shetland until end of March. The one on my island is held on the last Friday of February so everyone is gearing up for that and I'm really looking forward to it. This time last year my Uncle as the Jarl (head viking) for our island, a brilliant time was had by all.

New Year, learning new things. I have been on two courses (online courses are fab when you're not able to get out and about) and have another couple to go on and looking forward to putting my new found knowledge to good use! Yesterday I was on a course about branding and gained a lot of insight into how I look at my business, was also good to meet other owners of small businesses in Shetland face to face and get their opinions on things.

Until the next time, take care.


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