It's Launch Day!*

*OK slight exaggeration it's Launch Day T-2 hours and 30 minutes as I write this.

I'm excited (and nervous) to be starting this venture, as I'm sure everyone who starts a business is. There has been lots of rushing around getting things sorted but I think I've got there. This was not helped by our Inter Island ferry breaking down today which meant we were stranded in Lerwick until 4pm. Thankfully we had good company during the weight, the other thing to be thankful for was at least it wasn't in the middle of the Equinox gales! It was also very busy as there was two Cruise ships in today which doubled the population of Lerwick for a few hours. There may be a couple of downsides to living on an island but, for me, the upsides outweigh all that.

Although I'm starting out the box choices for planners small l at the moment they will increase with time and I'm always happy to hear what folk think or what they would like to see added. I will be updating the website (and the blog) as often as needed so keep popping back.

Will write soon,



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